What Is A Cryo T-Shock Facial?

Cryo T-Shock Facials, in comparison to the typical spa facial treatment, accomplishes more in far less time—and it's even less expensive.

What's a Cryo T-Shock Facial & How Is It Different Than a Regular Facial?

Who doesn't love chillin' at a spa and getting a facial? For an hour, you get to relax and get pampered. But if your goal is to have movie-star skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes, as well as deep skin cleansing for acne and eczema ... there's a more effective kind of facial.

Cryo T-Shock Facials, in comparison to the typical spa facial treatment, accomplishes more in far less time—and it's even less expensive.

What Is A Cryo T-Shock Facial?

Before you learn about this revolutionary new facial treatment, here are a couple of things it's not. First, it has nothing to do with cryo chamber therapy. That's when your whole body is fully submerged in a chamber for a few minutes. It is exposed to minus-100-degree-temperature, the last 30 seconds or so being unbearable. (Cryo chamber therapy is usually for sports injury recovery.)

A Cryo T-Shock Facial is different from a traditional cryo facial, which is when an aesthetician blows freezing air in circles all over your face for about 7-8 minutes.

The ice-cold air of a regular cryo facial is indeed very effective for anti-aging. When your skin is subjected to a freezing current of air, the cold penetrates deeply into the skin. This causes the blood vessels to constrict, which in turn activates collagen. Collagen is the scaffolding-like structural protein in your skin. The more collagen fibers your skin has underneath it, and the stronger those fibers are, the tighter and firmer your skin will look.

A Cryo T-Shock Facial accomplishes this, albeit in a different way. As opposed to blowing cold air on the face, a Cryo T-Shock Facial uses a wand applicator coated with a gel that's safe for all facial types. The wand is attached to a medical device designed by the Italian company, Pagani. The Pagani Cryo T-Shock device not only applies collagen-boosting cold, but it also applies thermal heat during the facial.

This is the crucial difference between regular cryo and Cryo T-Shock (the "T" stands for thermal.) When thermal heat is applied to your skin, it opens up (dilates) the blood vessels. This alternating blood vessel constriction and dilation activates immune cells and removes harmful bacteria, making it highly effective for facial cleansing.

What Are The Benefits of A Cryo T-Shock Facial?

You get all the benefits of a spa-treatment facial such as cleansing and anti-aging. But T-Shock can also freeze fat deposits under your chin or freeze saggy neck and loose skin. No facial spa treatment can minimize the appearance of a double chin like a Cryo T-Shock Facial can. The same goes for firming up loose skin.

Also, the Cryo T-Shock facial treatment uses no synthetic chemicals, unlike a regular spa facial, which sometimes relies on harsh chemical exfoliators or chemical peels.

With a regular spa facial, while you might feel like your skin has a more radiant glow immediately after the session, typically, the results go away after a while. Plus, you're not getting any collagen-boosting benefits with a regular facial. In comparison, in as little as 4-8 Cryo T-Shock facials, you'll experience a noticeable enhancement of collagen production. (You'll know it because your wrinkles, fine lines or crows feet will be minimized).

After a Cryo T-Shock Facial, you'll still enjoy that same fresh, youthful glow that you get from a regular facial. (Ask for the "Red Carpet Facial" treatment).

For those with problem skin (rosacea, eczema, or acne), the alternating heat and cold currents shrink large pores, remove trapped toxins from under the skin, and encourage fresh blood circulation and increased oxygen and nutrients to penetrate into the skin cells.

How Long Are Cryo T-Shock Facial Treatments And How Much Does It Cost?

Here at Cloud9Cryo in beautiful downtown Long Beach, CA, a 10-session package is $75 per session, with each session lasting approximately 45 minutes. You'll still feel like you're being pampered because you'll be lying down—plus, you'll get the same facial massage you'd get at a spa. The national average for a basic facial at a day spa is $80 per session. But if you want to get a facial peel, it can cost well over $100.

The choice is yours: a regular facial that is more expensive and does less, or, a Cryo T-Shock Facial that averages less per session (when purchased in a package), and does far more for your skin when it comes to cleansing, anti-aging and skin tightening. 

There's nothing wrong with getting a spa facial now and then, but based on my own experiences and from the feedback from my clients, the benefits of a regular facial fall far short of a Cryo T-Shock Facial. Some of my clients do both a regular facial every once in a while and a couple Cryo T-Shock Facial maintenance sessions per month. (A few of my clients told me they've been going to the same aesthetician for years and would feel bad dropping them.)

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