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Hello! I'm Alpha, your Cryo professional at Cloud9Cryo. I'm a licensed Cosmetologist and Founder of Cloud9Cryo & Sweet Fuss Hair & Makeup Artistry.

In my 11 years in the beauty industry, many of my clients have lamented on how they wanted to look younger, have a slimmer tummy, or tighter looking skin. I looked for treatments that didn't require surgery or an injection.

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If You’re Considering A Procedure For A More Youthful And Healthier Appearance ...

... Then Cloud9Cryo Is The Place To Be

We Offer Cryo T-Shock Therapy -- A Safe, Effective And Non-Invasive Option That Promotes Body Sculpting, Skin Toning, Anti-Aging Facials And Can Diminish The Appearance Of Cellulite.

Say farewell to stubborn fat, wrinkles, less cellulite & droopy skin with a painless solution that requires no surgery, no downtime or recovery, and costs significantly less than other anti-aging and beauty treatments.

Whether It’s Called “Cryo Fat Sculpting” Or “Cryo Toning”, Cryo T-Shock Works.

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"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

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Cloud9Cryo proudly uses the award winning Pagani Cryo T-Shock

With the combination of a balanced diet, exercise & regimen with Cloud9Cryo, the T-Shock System by Pagani provide our clients exceptional cryo treatments using a cutting-edge system.

We provide a non-invasive and new approach to pain management, reducing cellulite, freezing stubborn fat, and tightening your skin from head to toe.

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Based in Beautiful Downtown Long Beach, CA

Our clients experience relaxing sessions in our tranquil and luxurious studio.

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Explore some of the Instagrammable spaces & installations from local artists inside Salon Row.


Our cozy studio will provide a calm & tranquil ambience so that every experience is relaxing.


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