Cryo T-Shock Vs CoolSculpting

The Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Procedure That’s Even Better Than CoolSculpting

Thousands of women who have been struggling with cellulite for years are experiencing instant and dramatic reductions in dimpled fat deposits with a breakthrough medical device from Italy. The non-surgical procedure is called Cryo T-Shock therapy.

Here’s how an award-winning Long Beach, CA-cosmetologist discovered the technique and her experience using it for her problem cellulite.

The Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Procedure That’s Even Better Than CoolSculpting

When it comes to non-surgical body sculpting, CoolSculpting is perhaps the most popular treatment. But thanks to the Italian medical device company, Pagani, that may quickly change. Pagani’s revolutionary Cryo T-Shock therapy has made body sculpting more effective and more comfortable in comparison to CoolSculpting. And that’s not all Cryo T-Shock Fat Sculpting can do. It’s also effective for reducing cellulite and other skin problems.Here’s how this breakthrough new procedure, which was introduced to the U.S. market only in 2018, is different from Coolsculpting….

Cryo T-Shock Vs CoolSculpting

Nobody likes to have their love handles, pinched, poked, or prodded. It’s a violation of our personal space, not to mention uncomfortable. But this is essentially how it feels to get a Coolsculpting session. Mostly, with Coolsculpting, your skin gets vacuum sucked for two hours. As unpleasant as that sounds, how do you think your skin will feel after being tugged on for that long? It’s not going to feel like you’ve just had the best Swedish massage of your life, that’s for sure. The area treated by Coolsculpting can feel numb for quite a while after the session. Or worse, you can experience swelling, pain, or bruising.

You’ll also feel more pain in your wallet, because each Coolsculpting treatment typically costs over $1,000 and can run as high as $4,000, depending on the size of the area being treated. Coolsculpting may be effective for eliminating unwanted body fat in some areas of the body, but here’s where it falls short in comparison to Cryo T-Shock Therapy….


CoolSculpting: Just Cool; Cryo T-Shock: Hot & Cold For Better Fat Burning

Like Coolsculpting, Cryo T-Shock uses very cold temperatures to kill adipose (fat) cells. But Cryo T-Shock takes it a step further. It’s the only body-sculpting treatment procedure that alternates between hot and cold currents on the skin.

What the alternating hot/cold currents do is more effectively increase fresh blood circulation into the treated areas. This, in turn, activates fat-burning hormones and drives the dead fat cells into the lymphatic system. While Coolsculpting can indeed kill body fat cells, it is really only effective for larger body areas such as the abdomen, back, and legs. If you have harder to reach areas of body fat, Coolsculpting isn’t as effective. That’s because the suction pads won’t fit flush against smaller body surfaces. In comparison, Cryo T-Shock uses a much smaller wand applicator.

This makes it easy to reach any area of the body. Plus, it’s far more comfortable. Rather than using suction, the Cryo T-Shock wand applicator uses a gel that’s safe and comfortable for all skin types.

Time & Price

Cryo T-Shock Body Sculpting: In and Out In Under 1 Hour & Way Less Expensive

In addition to body sculpting, Cryo T-Shock also is very effective for cellulite. Because cellulite is more of a skin issue than a fat problem, CoolScultping does next to nothing to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

But Cryo T-Shock’s proprietary technology not only zaps fat cells to death, it can increase the blood circulation to your thighs and buttocks, extracting stuck fat deposits that have lodged in between collagen fibers, out into the lymphatic system (the garbage disposal inside your body). It’s these stuck fat deposits that are responsible for the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

At Cloud9Cryo in beautiful downtown Long Beach, CA, you can pay as little as $300 per session for Cryo T-Shock Therapy. Compare that to $2000 or more per Coolsculpting session. After each Cryo T-Shock Sculpting session, you may notice some redness on the treated area, but that’s about it. No pain, no swelling, no downtime.

In half the time that an uncomfortable Coolsculpting session takes, you can get much better results—at a fraction of the price.


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